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Accidents at Home: Be Prepared!

Accidents at home are horrible. There’s normally a lot of tears & often a mess of some sort is created!  But just how do we prepare at home for accidents taking place? 

1. Check on your First Aid Kits? 

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When was the last time you checked out your first aid kits? Are they in date? What about the plasters? 

Having more than 1 first aid kit is a good idea. Generally, have 1 in your car and 1 in your house. You never know when accidents will strike! 

2. When did you last do a training course? 

Of course, we recommend having face-to-face training. However these are unprecedented times! 

Here’s a little bit of a refresher: 

3. Are your kids prepared? 

Do your children know what to do if they have an accident or, what about if you have one as the adult?

Now is a perfect time to start the conversation with your children. Remember, the most important thing for them is to not be frightened to come and see you if they’re hurt. 

You should also be telling your kids about the importance of knowing 999 as the emergency number – where the phone is and why you’d phone it. Remember to focus on the importance of not phoning for “fun”! 

Here are some videos of brave children who have saved lives:

Use a teddy and run through some basic first aid scenarios: checking for breathing & even doing CPR! It’s an important tool to make them aware & is a great photo opportunity. Also playing games for “bandaging” teddy who is unwell is great fun too. 

Every little helps to create awareness.

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