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Do I need a first-aider for my business?

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Do I need to appoint a first-aider for my business?

Every business should have at least one fully trained first-aider. Should an emergency occur, this person will have the knowledge on how to handle the situation. They will have the skills to competently deal with all colleagues suffering distress.

What sort of training does my first-aider need?

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Firstly, you need someone who is enthusiastic to learn. They can’t be squeamish – accidents aren’t pretty. Your first-aider will need the skills to assess and monitor whatever the emergency is. They will have the knowledge of where and when to get further help if needed. This could be asking other colleagues to call for help whilst they are administering first-aid. They will need to know how to handle lots of varying situations. These include what to do when the patient is unconscious, not breathing, bleeding, choking etc. Your first-aider will also be competent in filling out required accident reports.

What kind of qualification does my first-aider need?

certified first-aid training

There are lots of suppliers of first-aid training on the market. Some offer no kind of qualification. There are some first-aid bodies that award their own qualifications. To have a qualification that is recognised as industry-standard you should look at courses that are OFQUAL or SQA formally certified.

How can First2Train help?

We provide 2 courses specific to workplace first-aiders:

Emergency First Aid at Work is a one day course which covers all the basic first-aid skills you need.

First Aid at Work is a 3-day course which goes into much greater detail. You will learn more skills to handle many types of emergency in the workplace.

These courses are certified to OFQUAL/SQA standards and are valid for 3 years.

Visit our website to find out more.

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