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First2Train is a workplace training provider. Built and operating from Glasgow, Scotland we offer courses in all aspects of Health & Safety and First Aid through our platforms of online & face-to-face delivery.

We are based in Glasgow but have national reach. We can travel to you to deliver courses and on occasion we may have one of our networks of instructors who are local to you. Keeping costs down.

In short, no. We do not have our own unit where we operate out of. Instead, we have our sales office and we make every attempt to come to you. We believe that one person travelling is much better both economically and environmentally than a group of students coming to us. This keeps your costs lower.

We can work in your space, or we can organise spaces using one of the many companies we work with for meeting rooms.

Workplace training is an umbrella word for a bunch of courses. With First Aid, our audience is endless. We are a strong believer that everyone should know how to deliver first aid, therefore our public courses are designed for businesses and the general public to join in and learn together.

We have designed our Facebook group so that all of the people who successfully pass our course can join. The aim of this group is to share experiences (maintaining confidentiality of casualties) and allow our students to feedback & heighten their confidence. We don’t allow anyone to post anything which is out-with the skillset taught during a 3-day First Aid at Work course & discourage anyone with a medical background from being too complex when explaining or giving feedback. We want the group to be a continuation of the courses that people undertake, so they don’t forget skills & also get some exposure to real life incidents.

Everyone who undertakes our courses get a chance to join in our private group with an email link. We keep this group private as we only want those who have done our courses to get involved as we know their skillset and level.

We believe that everyone should have exposure to First Aid scenarios. Our industry is very reactive. We are trying to change that. People don’t do a first aid course until their friend, family member or someone close to them get hurt. We want to step in there so that people know to some extent what to do if disaster strikes.

Of course, these free videos do not substitute proper first aid training. We hope that when watching our videos you get an idea of how we overdeliver on our courses & will see you on one of our courses very soon.

This question we get a lot. We can deliver courses pretty much anywhere as long as it abides by our Health & Safety policy.

Our minimum requirements for our courses are:

Table & Chairs.

Blank wall for projectors (if you have your own that we can use, even more ideal!).

Floor space for practical work.

Suitable fire exits & toilet facilities with running water.

This means we can offer courses in offices, meeting rooms, schools, community halls & even homes. Please get in touch if you’re looking for a private course.

E-Learning is a the facility whereby leaders, employees and individuals can complete learning in an online capacity. All done at a cost/ time effective rate – frequently from the learners own home. 

Our E-Learning is delivered via our partners at Asset Training Ltd. 

When purchasing your course, we will share the email that you give us with Asset Training in order for you to receive access credentials. Please make sure your email is correct at time of purchase to avoid unnecessary delays. 

Access is normally granted within 2 working days. Often however, access is granted within 24 hours. 

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