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What to look for in First-Aid Qualifications

In October 2013 the Health and Safety Executive stopped approving First-Aid training and qualifications. This means that there is no official regulator for the industry.

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What type of First-Aid Qualifications are there?

There are three types of First-Aid qualification:

Unregulated First-Aid Qualifications

These are provided by freelance trainers and companies. Employers may not recognise your qualification. Unregulated First-Aid courses are normally cheaper. You need to think about what the qualification is actually worth to you.

Bespoke First-Aid Qualifications

Organisations offer Bespoke qualifications. Here we are looking at the likes of the British Red Cross or St Andrews. They are high quality courses which come at a price. They are self certificated qualifications. This means that their value is much dependent on the perception of an organisation or employer of their actual worth.

Regulated First-Aid Qualifications

A regulated qualification has independent certification. The authorities that give these awards are the UK government department OFQUAL or, in Scotland, the SQA. The provide an excellent standard of training. Your qualification is valid for a period of 3 years. The courses are not necessarily more expensive. This is what gives you the best value for money.

Let’s summarise!

What First-Aid qualification you go for will depend on what your priorities are. It is a qualification that will give you some really important skills.

A bespoke course will have the backing of a known organisation. Whilst more costly the standard of training is high.

A regulated course will give you a universally recognised qualification. This is really important if you want to use your skills to improve your career.

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What next?

Go to our website First2Train.co.uk to see the range of OFQUAL/SQA regulated courses we offer. If you need any help just contact us and we will get straight back to you.

Good luck with your First-Aid Qualification!


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