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How you can invest in your Staff?

Have you thought about how you can invest in your staff during this time? Are key team members on furlough? You aren’t allowed to ask them to do anything directly to make you money. But what can you do?

Have you thought about investing in your staff through training?

online learning for team investment

Offering training to develop your team is a great way of investing in them. Your staff can complete training courses when on furlough. Check out this link to confirm what the government allow. You are encouraged to complete training courses.

The kind of training you may want to offer could be based around your type of business. Why not give them new skills such as selling or marketing techniques? You will probably need a range of training to suit the specific needs of your individual team members.

What can we offer?

First2Train online training to invest in staff

First2Train offers a range of online courses powered by Asset Training. Our courses are recognised by independent authorities such as SQA, RoSPA etc. This means that your staff will receive certification on completion of the courses. Our E-learning courses cover anything from first-aid, mental health awareness, health and safety, business practice and much, much more. Click on our logo above to search the available courses. We are adding courses all of the time. However, you may be looking for something specific? Drop us an email and we will do our very best to get you what you need.

Invest in your team and your business wins too!

Team win! win!

This really is a win-win situation for everybody. How? Your team will feel great that you have invested in them. This will certainly motivate them. Motivated team members are loyal team members. As well as this, recruitment companies find better candidates for you. This is because you offer better ongoing training than others.

Do you want to save money?

First2Train 100 Licence Package E-learning Course
First2Train 100 Licence Package E-learning Course

We offer multiple licence packages for our E-learning courses. If you want to invest in your team members this gives you access to the courses at a reduced price. There are packages for under 50 employees up to 500.

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