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Our online courses allow you to refresh, up-skill and retrain during this Corona Virus outbreak. As employers, now is a prime time to ensure your staff are complaint, ready & safe for the return to work. 




Our Online courses are designed to be fun, interactive & easy to follow. Learners will be able to complete a range of courses from the suite offered by First2Train. Although not a replacement for proper face-to-face learning in some topics – these online courses give learners the ability to gain the basics in areas such as: Fire, Asbestos, First Aid, Medicine & more! 

Below, you will find out licence packages for employers. We offer generous discounts within these packages & users have access to all courses available. Not just the ones on First2Train website. For more info: Contact Us

Our Online Store also has lists of individual courses to build up your portfolio. Click the button on the left to be taken to our online store! 


Online courses cost a lot less. Simply purchase the course & number of access codes. Upon completion, learners receive a certificate of completion. 


Our online courses give learners more than enough time to complete the content. There’s no rush to learn all material in a day or two! 


No travel, no training days. Staff can complete this basic training at home, in the office or even when out and about! 

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