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5 Year Battery Defibtech Lifeline

5 Year (or 125 shock) battery for the Defibtech Lifeline defibrillator. Ensuring “rescue ready” at all times.

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This 5 Year Defibtech Lifeline battery pack is made exclusively for the Lifeline defibrillators. You should consider purchasing a spare battery if you predict high usage, or if the defibrillator is coming to the end of its 5 or 7 year cycle on standby.

Installing a defibrillator couldn’t be easier. In many cases, it is plug in & go. Though thought needs to go into the lifesaving device maintenance. A replacement battery should always be considered when purchasing.

This battery comes with the following:

  • Enough battery power to provide 125 shocks or 8 hours of continuous operation
  • Spare 9V Lithium Battery provided to power the Active Status indicator
  • Low power indicators are both visible and audible
  • System integrity test upon battery insertion
  • 4-year manufacturing warranty

Once the Defibtech Lifeline battery is connected to the defibrillator the user can rest assure that the unit will be in working condition for the full 5 years. With no need to check up on the unit on a daily basis.

You can find more information regarding defbrillators in our blog here.

We also offer training for your new Defibrillator – regardless of model. Contact us now for more information.


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Why do I need to keep buying new batteries?

The battery units should be replaced every 5 years if kept on standby only, or depending on usage this could be earlier.

If you’re finding that you’re constantly having to replace your batteries – there could be an internal error. Get in touch with

Why don't all defibrillators take regular batteries?

There are some defibrillators on the market which do take domestic batteries.

This depends entirely on the manufacturer & in most cases they decide to use battery packs for user ease.

Should I have training?


As with all life saving equipment, we thoroughly recommend that you receive training.

Some manufacturers state that the equipment will tell users what to do in cases of emergency – we will recommend familiarisation sessions as a bare minimum so users know exactly what to do if an emergency strikes.

Which defibrillator is right for me?

This depends on your requirements.

We believe that you should look into the different kind of defibrillators on the market & decide which is best for you. We recommend as with the Resus Council Guidelines (2015) that the defibrillator can charge & shock within 10 seconds. Reducing time “off the chest” during CPR.


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