First Aid Pod


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First Aid Pod

The First Aid Pod was created to solve an ongoing issue that is encountered in environment where there was a high level of footfall. Too often they were unable to provide privacy, shelter or contain an area during a medical emergency and had seen other colleagues become flustered while in need of some basic first aid prompts.


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The First Aid Pod was created to solve an ongoing issue that is encountered in environment where there was a high level of footfall.

Too often First Aid responders are unable to provide privacy, shelter or contain an area during a medical emergency. Typically, First Aid Responders got flustered due to the period of time between their training & actual live practice on a casualty. This pod provides a solution to all of this. Whilst maintaining dignity is upheld to its highest standard whilst people are at in their worst condition.

The First Aid Pod comes with the following:

  1. UV Resistant & Waterproof shelter for the casualty.
  2. DRSABCD printed on the inside.
  3. Ground Pegs for use outside.
  4. Easy Deployment facility – it simply “pops up!”

The First Aid Pod has been designed to be used in many different environments, such as: Retail, Outdoors, Workplace & also in event scenarios. With it’s floor-less design the casualty does not have to be moved to be covered & with it’s bright red colouring  it is easy to identify for Emergency Services.

First2Train is 1 of 2 distributors for the entire UK to bring this pod to market. Our goal is to make these commonplace within organisations to ensure that every person maintains as much dignity as they can whilst at their lowest point.

As always, we recommend training to be undertaken by as many employees as possible. We can organise onsite corporate training for

View some videos of the First Aid Pod in action here:

How does the pod work?

How does the pod fold away?

Check out our onsite training courses here or public courses that you can sign up to today here!

This product is ordered monthly from our supplier. The next order deadline is 31-03-2020. For more information, get in touch with the team today. 


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When Should the First Aid Pod be used?

The First Aid Pod should be deployed when a medical event requires privacy & shelter for the patient, guidance for the first aider and visibility to Emergency services. Once Emergency services arrive please follow their instructions and remove the First Aid Pod if advised to do so.

How Many First Aid Pods should I have?

Depending on the size of your enterprise, several First Aid Pods may be required to ensure that they can be retrieved quickly.

We recommend having as many pods as you do Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) which should be located within a 4 minute run from the casualty at all times.

Can the First Aid Pod be Reused?

Yes, the First Aid Pod can be wiped down with a soft cloth and a mild detergent. Due to the nature of use of the First Aid Pod, we recommend replacing the Pod if it gets soiled with any bodily fluids.

Can the First Aid Pod be used Outside?

Absolutely, the First Aid Pod is water resistant and U.V. resistant. Pegs are included to help secure the Pod in an outdoor situation. It’s bright colours allow for quick & easy identification. We recommend it be used in sporting environments.


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